Sustainable Development Policy

In keeping with the Sustainable Development Policy, adopted in 2007, we once again chose to organize an environmentally responsible Congress this year. Based on the principle that tangible action is required, we developed a realistic action plan that allows us to adhere to responsible management measures.


  • Selection of a hotel with an environmental policy and mission (ecologically responsible accommodations, kitchen, service and program);
  • Dissemination of congress-related documents by email;
  • Online registration;
  • Use of videoconference for many Organizing Committee meetings;
  • Recovery of the roundels at the end of the congress;
  • Promotion of carpooling.

In these times of training and travel expense budget costs, the AQCS fosters the idea of opting for carpooling.

The immediate consequence of carpooling is the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gases. It also helps to significantly reduce gas costs and car wear. Finally, it gives people the opportunity to meet and discuss in a friendly atmosphere. So why not take advantage of it?