A word from the President and CEO of the AQCS

Dear members,

After navigating in an uncertain and challenging context for so many months, we acknowledge that you may need a time out to reflect and reset your action targets – beyond any pandemic-related strategy. This is the basic premise of this year’s AQCS congress.

This professional development event will encourage you to project yourself into the future. This event will also allow you to dive into the rich history of our network. Indeed, the AQCS will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022: it seemed important that this congress revisit some of our most outstanding achievements and associative advances. From one decade to the next, the school executives who have built the AQCS will surely be a source of inspiration. Watch for exclusive content on our platforms!

We don’t yet know what 2022 will bring. But our expertise, combined with the experience we have gained over the past two years, leads me to believe that we are ready to meet the challenges ahead. So, let’s take advantage of the congress to take stock and start building a future together!

Jean-François Parent
President and CEO of the AQCS